» About the Office

Dear Sir or Madam,

Our Law Office provide comprehensive legal services for entrepreneurs, as well as for individuals.

The founder and owner of the Law Office is advocate Kacper Dzik –  member of the Warsaw Bar of Advocates.

The purpose of the foundation of the Office is to provide professional legal assistance in every area of a private or a professional activity of every person or entity, that may cause potentially positive or negative effects in the legal sphere.

We give our clients not only access to a wide knowledge, but also provide them with full commitment in legal assistance and, above all, allow to make use of our experience, based on previous professional activity of Mr. Dzik, as well as his older colleagues.

Firm has set itself the goal of providing legal advice that is tailored to the individual needs of each of our clients. Creativity and minimum routines allow their actual satisfaction. It should be emphasized that we have our feet firmly on the ground, we are realists and we do not promise anyone a pie in the sky. 

However, even in such situations we will find proper solutions to minimize the negative effects of the client’s legal position.

We operate mainly in Warsaw and surrounding areas. At the same time we maintain constant cooperation with the following external law firms:

o   H. Goryszewski B. Nieszczerzewski Limited Liability Partnership (Warsaw)
o   Law Office of Advocate Radosław Susłowicz (Zielona Góra)
o   Law Office of Advocate Marcin Frelek (Warsaw)
o   Law Office of Legal Counsel Kamil Gliwiński (Warsaw)
o   Law Office of Advocate Piotr Drożdżal (Wroclaw)

which allows us to not only to efficient legal services throughout the Poland, but also on consistent expansion of our legal specializations.

We provide legal services in Polish and English.